3G Failover


You are responsible for a number of network locations across the country. Many of them have unreliable high speed Internet connections and the current dial-up failover solution isn’t working very well either. You’d like to consolidate failover, increase failover speed and reliability and most of all, deploy with ease.


Colony’s 3G failover solution is designed to offer carrier agnostic failover solutions that meet the needs of locations being serviced primarily by an ADSL type Internet circuit. In Canada, our purchasing power allows you to leverage our pooled data plans for less overage risk on your data use.

Colony’s solution combines a multi-homed firewall, a 3G to Ethernet bridge and industry leading USB modem hardware in a high availability configuration. Our configuration can support close to zero packet loss failback for seamless transition between connections. Our solution also supports more complex functionality related to dynamic VPN tunnel re-creation.

Typical service parameters include:

  • HSPA+ service from Bell, Rogers or Telus
  • 1-4mbps downstream, 500-1000kbps upstream bandwidth
  • 1GB bandwith/site/month
  • 100-300ms latency


  • Fast roll out and installation
  • In 3G/4G coverage areas, similar bandwidth to ADSL connections
  • Carrier agnostic
  • Colony can supply the 3G modem & contract if required
  • Managed solution includes integration with our incident management system
  • Dashboard includes bandwidth, throughput and network signal information
  • Our software monitors for actual failover availability, and detects things like missing USB modems

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