Centralized Network Visibility


You and your IT team manage networks for the corporate office as well as hundreds of other locations around the country or the globe. You have some tools in place to help you manage these networks, but none that tie user and device authentication and uptime data into one portal. You need to provide reports to a number of parties in your organization and it’s time consuming putting these together.


Colony Networks has developed a high level network access and device monitoring dashboard which generates real-time reports and is usable not just by IT, but also operations, marketing and administrative employees in an organization. The dashboard provides an instant, role- based snapshot of data relevant to the profile of each user that logs into the system.

Data is historic, highly indexed, searchable and summarized in graphical tables everywhere. Navigation is intuitive, mobile-friendly and allows for direct access to specific information.

Since Colony’s solution is cloud based, and therefore centralized, it aggregates the access and monitoring logs from many users and devices from many locations into a single view.   This provides huge value for IT organizations struggling to compile this type of information from disparate applications and servers and different locations.


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