Centralized Port Authentication


You are responsible for a number of network locations across the country. Each location contains a switch managing point of sale equipment, PCs, printers and security cameras. With over 250 locations under management, you cannot manage security at the port level by introducing access control lists on each switch. Change management is very difficult and so you forego security for ease of management.


Colony’s centralized port authentication solution moves your physical port security into the cloud. Each time a device is plugged into any of your switches at the edge, you receive an alert, nothing at which time, location and on what port what kind of a device was plugged in. You are then able to assign it into a VLAN on the switch and note whether or not you’d like it monitored or not.

Our portal also shows all registered and unregistered devices across all locations, or filtered on a per location basis. We make sure  managed switches from a number of manufacturers integrate with our software, please contact us if you would like to find out more about which switches we support.


  • Cloud based rather than local authentication centralizes ACLs
  • Get alerts when something is plugged into a switch
  • Get device identity when something is plugged into a switch
  • Assign VLANs dynamically
  • Simply wired device provisioning across many locations
  • Keep an inventory of all devices plugged into your switches
  • Easily block a device from authenticating on the network
  • Maintain high security by segmenting devices on VLANs
  • Add 802.1x authentication support to non 802.1x capable devices

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