Deploying Internet access using IoT gateways to mobile or remote locations has unique challenges compared to wired installations. Enterprise customers want consistent Internet service regardless of the backhaul. The Colony SiteHealth solution provides wired network service quality over wireless networks.


Our cloud-based SiteHealth monitoring solution is tuned for IoT devices. SiteHeath notifies users of network and device anomalies with historic reporting for troubleshooting. We support public and private APN installations with gateways from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Microhard and many others..

Data Usage

Unlike wired internet connectivity, access via LTE networks is metered and unexpected data usage can cause large data overage charges. Colony Networks continually monitors data usage, generating alerts when approaching limits. We also use historic reports to see trends.

Site Survey

When IoT devices are installed inside buildings, antennas and placement must be tuned carefully to ensure optimal performance. SignalTest allows field technicians to quickly run an on-site test that determines if SLA targets are being met. If the location fails, we generate remediation suggestions to bring the site into the green zone. SignalTest determines actual indoor data network performance, setting customer expectations early and improving mobile operator margins.

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