Customers expect Wi-Fi service wherever they go, including mobile locations. The Colony CloudFi solution provides a superior customer experience while keeping usage under control, with actionable insights for the enterprise.

Mobile Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi can be offered in mobile locations such as taxis, buses and RV’s using IoT gateways. When devices connect to these Wi-Fi networks, they expect unlimited usage which can result in overage charges. CloudFi¬†Mobile provides a combination of filtering, policies and payments to manage data plan usage while maintaining an excellent customer experience.

Fixed Wi-Fi

Guest Wi-Fi access is becoming more common, but how do you ensure a positive brand experience and differentiate the services for premium customers? CloudFi Fixed provides multi-tier guest Wi-Fi on a single SSID and extensive analytic reporting to improve customer engagement.


When customers attach to your Wi-Fi network, CloudFi collects information on the visit such as time, length, data used, demographics, device used etc. Extensive analytic reporting is provided in map, graph and table form, delivering business insights into new vs repeat visits, usage patterns and customer loyalty.

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IoT Wi-Fi


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