CloudFi Fixed is a cloud-hosted service that allows businesses to provide a quality Wi-Fi experience to employees, customers and other devices using the same networking equipment.

CloudFi Fixed is a hardware-agnostic captive portal service

Example login screens

Using CloudFi, you can easily manage device access policies. You can provide free, conditional and paid access all within the same portal. Generate revenue, recover some of your operational costs or simply provide a convenience to your customers.

Provide your own graphics for the captive portal (login screen), as well as any terms of use. You decide what information you want to capture about your users. Any information collected can be used for analytical purposes.

CloudFi Fixed controls data use using session and bandwidth policies for each type / tier of service. Your business rules determine who gets to use how much data, and when.

Our optional content filter prevents improper use by blocking access to certain types of websites and servers. There are three predefined filters, plus a special one just for public education.

Basic analytics are included, and our optional Advanced Analytics package provides more than 90 additional reports.

CloudFi analytics - map view

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