Customer success stories


A taxi company in a major North American city deployed Wi-Fi for passengers in more than 300 cabs.  Each taxi had a 2GB per month data plan.

CloudFi Mobile kept mobile data use to 1.5GB per month per taxi on average over 100,000 unique passengers in 2016.


An intercity coach line offers on-board Wi-Fi to enhance the passenger experience on trips.

Using CloudFi Mobile, they offer a free plan with limited data speeds as well as paid access for faster data speeds. Data overages are eliminated and revenue generated from the paid service covers the cost of the monthly data plan for each vehicle.


A marine customer previously used more than 20GB per month per vessel. 

After deploying CloudFi Mobile, they reduced monthly data consumption by 75% without affecting crew or vessel performance. 


A major North American retailer offers free Wi-Fi access to customers in-store, but wants to isolate customer data traffic from their internal network. 

CloudFi allows them to offer Wi-Fi over a cellular backhaul, separate from store traffic. The cellular connection also provides a redundant Internet connection for the store, and SiteHealth allows them to monitor both primary and secondary links. 


A large full-service restaurant company operates several brands and wants to leverage guest Wi-Fi to track user visits across all locations. 

CloudFi allows them to offer a different branded Wi-Fi experience for each restaurant chain, and capture guest information to use in targeted marketing campaigns. 


A provincial government implemented an electronic voting system, and needed to connect all polling stations using cellular backhaul.

Using SiteHealth, the electoral authority was able to monitor the cellular connection for over 5,000 polling stations to ensure that all locations were online and working properly during an important provincial election.