Colony enables fleet operators to deploy Wi-Fi services for employees, guests and IoT devices

Fleet operators can provide in-vehicle Wi-Fi access without worrying about the costs and complexity of operating Wi-Fi over a cellular connection.

CloudFi Mobile is proven to reduce mobile data overage costs

The CloudFi Mobile platform by Colony Networks performs four functions that are essential for the proper operation of a mobile WiFi network.

Access Control

Control access for several categories of device through a fully customizable captive portal. Allow Wi-Fi access for employees, guests/passengers as well as IOT devices such as IP cameras, POS terminals and telematics devices, all using the same Wi-Fi gateway. 

Access can be free, paid, or conditional, all within the same portal.

Bandwidth Control

Control how much data each device is allowed to use by implementing bandwidth and session limits. These limits are determined by your business policies, keeping data costs under control.

Traffic Filter

Block traffic to certain types of sites. This capability prevents unwanted traffic such as app store updates or adult content.


Delivers a set of rich analytics on usage of the system. This can be used a number of ways, depending on the type of fleet.  

For example, it can provide insight into passenger demographics, employee behaviour, and on-board device data use.

CloudFi Mobile works with any type of fleet, including Public Transit (bus, light rail, commuter rail, ferry), taxis, limousines, ride sharing services, coaches, school buses, RV rentals, government or commercial vehicles.