SiteHealth is a Cloud-hosted service that provides monitoring of Internet connectivity. It can monitor the status of wired, wireless or hybrid connections, as well as the gateway device located at the customer premise (CPE).

Manage many different hardware vendors through a single interface

SiteHeath notifies users of network and device anomalies with historic reporting for troubleshooting. It supports public and private APN installations with gateways from Cradlepoint, Sierra Wireless, Microhard and many others.

Monitoring and event reporting are provided through a customer-facing graphical user interface, as well as via SNMP API to incident management platforms such as ServiceNow.  External alerts can also be delivered via email and SMS.

The graphical user interface supports both map and table views showing current status, up/down history, and wireless link performance and cellular data usage (if so equipped) based on Jasper Control Centre or the device itself.

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